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Connector Adapter for cEEGrids to Amplifiers

Connector Adapter for cEEGrids to Amplifiers

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REF/GND as earlobe channels

Adapters between cEEGrid electrode grids and amplifiers.

These can be built for a variety of amplifiers, and with two different variations: satellite or standard style, and with or without earlobe electrodes for REF/GND.

Satellite or Standard

The standard style is a low profile, lightweight box housing, which must be fitted to the participant either with a headband, cap or clipped to the clothing.

The satellite style is a next generation, lower profile, direct-to-connector variant which can be fitted directly to the skin of the neck or shoulder using V53 adhesive tapes.

With or Without Earlobe Electrodes

Normal cEEGrid recordings sacrifice at least one channel for GND, and require an additional online electrode to be used for REF.

With REF and GND given separate earlobe electrodes, you can now keep all 20 cEEGrid channels for signal acquisition!

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