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32Ch Standard BrainCap for TMS with input box

32Ch Standard BrainCap for TMS with input box

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Complete EEG cap with 34 (30 signal electrodes, ground and reference) built-in Multitrode electrodes for TMS, plus 2 spare electrodes for free placement.

White fabric, subtemporal-type cap  Fabric is made with medium elasticity (High Precision) material in sizes 52 and above, or high elasticity (High Comfort) in sizes 50 and below.

All electrodes are Multitrodes with sintered Ag/AgCl sensors. They are buttoned directly into the cap (total height 3 mm) or can be attached to the skin with double-sided adhesive rings. All electrodes are number-labelled at the sensor end.

The electrode wires are loose and only attached to the cap with re-openable velcro straps, thus each electrode can be rotated 360° for optimal TMS noise minimisation.

The cables trees have a length of approx. 120cm, and each cable is terminated in a  single socket touchproof connector. These are plugged into Electrode Input Box EIB32, which comes with a 30 cm flat-ribbon cable E80.

Standard 32 channel layout: Download the layout file 

Fabric, elasticity

Our caps are made with two different fabric elasticities.

The medium elasticity or 'High Precision' fabric provides a precise reproduction of electrode positions, across and within subject recordings, a longer life span for general wear and tear, and a quick drying time.

The high elasticity or 'High Comfort' fabric provides an optimal fit for a larger variety of head shapes, and due to its softness is great for children or participants with a sensitive scalp.

On our webshop we sell caps according to our standard recommendation, which depends on the size of the cap: 

  • 52 cm and above are manufactured with High Precision fabric;
  • 50 cm and below are manufactured with High Comfort fabric.



We provide caps in a range of sizes for human participants at any age.

Cap sizes reflect the participant's head circumference, measured at the hat line and expressed in even, two centimetre increments. They normally feature as the final 2 digits on our cap order codes (e.g. BC-64-UCMW-56).

Typical adult head sizes:

  • 62
  • 60
  • 58 (average male)
  • 56 (average female)
  • 54

Children's head sizes approximately:

  • 54 (11-14 years)
  • 52 (5-10 years)
  • 50 (3-4 years)

Infant head sizes approximately:

  • 48 (2 years)
  • 46
  • 44 (7 months)
  • 42
  • 40 (3 months)
  • 38
  • 36 (newborn)


In contrast to other EEG cap manufacturers, Easycap uniquely offers two standard cap cuts.

  • C-Cut: designed for oval head shapes. It is the first choice of laboratories located in America, Europe and India.
  • A-Cut: designed for round head shapes. It is favoured by laboratories located in China, Japan and Korea or by any other lab with participants with North- and East Asian heritage.

Example order codes are CACS-SCMW-56 for C-Cut, and CACS-SAMW-for A-Cut.

This option comes at no extra cost, simply add the desired variant into your basket.

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